Druzy in Pink
Druzy in Pink
Druzy in Pink

Druzy in Pink

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Agate comes in a variety of colors. The ones in this piece have been stressed to create cracks. They are referred to as Dragon Veins Agate. They are also not tumbled smooth. Agate increases security, self-confidence, hope, strength, soothing, provides possibility, grounding, the ability to see clearly, and balance. It is a good stone for artistic expression, it also alleviates depression. 

Chakra: Sacral

Element: Air & Fire

Zodiac: Gemini & Scorpio


Jade is associated with prosperity, clarity, calm, focus, decisiveness, wealth, peace, clarity, harmony, protection, longevity, and stability. Jade also nurtures, and uplifts the heart while dispelling conflict.

Chakra: Crown, Heart & Solar Plexus

Element: Earth

Zodiac: Aries & Pisces